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About Us..

Welcome to our website.  Take a look around to view many of our past and custom-built products.  We have a variety of specialties and with an expert crew on hand, we can handle most of your metal fabrication needs.  


Our company was opened in 2000 at our current location. Since then, we have grown as a well-known business to the surrounding community. Although in operation for 17 years, we have over 30 years of experience in the fabrication business.  


Our company specializes in a variety of fields including, but not limited to, agricultural, commercial, industrial, and residential. Due to the endless possibilities of products that can be fabricated from metal, it never ceases to amaze us to see our many products out in both our local community and in other out of area locations.  

We are a company of many specialties and this is what makes our shop unique from the many other welding or fabrication shops in the area. This has enabled us to assist our many clients, a variety of businesses and the one time customers  who come to us with their fabrication or repair needs.  


Back in 2000, we became known as the builders of the 'boat' by our local community and this prompted many visitors to drive by to see its progress.  Since then, we have also produced numerous products that can be seen in local schools, both private and public, out in the agricultural fields and around Santa Cruz County.   


Give us a call or email us with your next fabrication and/or metal repair challenge.  You'd be surprised what we are capable of assisting you with.


~ The Pajaro Valley Fabrication Crew